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11th week Class 9 Assignment

Class 9 Assignment 11th week 2021

class 9 assignment. Class 9 assignment 2021 Answer. class 9 assignment 2021 science answer. 12th Week Class 9 All Subject Assignment Click here All Week Class 9 Assignment Question Answer Click Here 11th Week Class 9 Bangladesh and Global World Assignment Question 11th Week Class 9 Bangladesh and Global World Assignment Question 11th Week Class […]

Class 6 Assignment Question & Answer

Class 6 all subject all week assignment

Directorate of secondary and higher education maintain the Class 6 assignment system. Due to Corona Virus all the school and college are remain close from last year. So, class 6 are getting bored and depressed on their house. They are not involved with any educational activity. So, government create the Assignment system for the students. […]

11th Week Class 6 ICT Assignment

Class 6 ICT assignment 11th week

After a long waiting directorate of secondary and higher education publish the Class 6 ICT assignment. So, in this post we’re going to publish the Class 6 ICT Assignment question. We’ll also discuss about Class Six ICT assignment answer also. So, please read the whole article carefully and we’ll answer all of your question on […]

11th Week Class 6 English Assignment

Class 6 english assignment 11th week

11th Week class 6 assignment is now publish for English subject. DSHE publish the class 6 assignment on last day on their website dshe.gov.bd. Class 6 assignment 11th week answer english is now publish on our website. You can also download class 6 assignment 11th week question from this post. Please read the full article […]

11th Week Class 7 Assignment

Class 7 Assignment 11th week

After the covid-19 bad situation, government and other offices are starting their office and duties. That’s why ministry of education also start their assignment system for class 7. Though this is the old assignment but it was close for corona virus. Today dshe.gov.bd just publish the class 7 11th week assignment 2021 on their website. […]

11th Week Class 8 Assignment

Class 8 assignment 11th week 2021

After the closing time of corona virus Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education publish the 11th week assignment for the students. As there was 10 weeks assignment before. So, they publish the 11th week assignment for Class 8 on their website dshe.gov.bd. That’s why a high amount of class 8 are searching for the 11th […]

SSC Physics Assignment Answer 2021

SSC Physics Assignment 2021

Physics assignment already started for all the week. After publish the notice from ministry of Education. Students of Class 10 science group start Physics Assignment making. So, we are also posting the answer of Physics Assignment answer in this post. If you are searching for SSC Physics assignment answer or other science group assignment answer, […]

SSC Chemistry Assignment 2021 Answer

SSC Chemistry Assignemnt 2021

SSC Chemistry Assignment 2021 is announced a few days ago. রসায়ন অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর. Rosayon Assignment Answer publish. রসায়ন অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট 2 উত্তর is also publish on our site. After dshe.gov.bd publish the science group assignment on their website. As well as they also publish the Science Chemistry all week assignment question 2021. on their website. So, […]

SSC Higher Math Assignment 2021 Answer

SSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2021

SSC Higher math 2021 assignment question publish on the website of dshe.gov.bd. So, we collect the assignment question from them and going to publish on our website. Even though, we are not going to publish ssc higher math assignment question only. We also publish ssc higher math assignment 2021 solution on our website. So if […]

11th Week Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 assignment 11th week

Class 6 assignment is publish for 11th week 2021. Directorate of Secondary and Higher education publish the class six 11th week assignment on their website dshe.gov.bd. So, we are going to publish the class six assignment 11th week  question and answer in this post. Please read the whole assignment question carefully. Because there is a […]