11th Week Class 6 ICT Assignment

After a long waiting directorate of secondary and higher education publish the Class 6 ICT assignment. So, in this post we’re going to publish the Class 6 ICT Assignment question. We’ll also discuss about Class Six ICT assignment answer also. So, please read the whole article carefully and we’ll answer all of your question on Class Six ICT assignment.


As on previous week we publish the Class six 10th week ICT assignment. So, a lot of class 6 examines request us to publish the 11th week ICT question also on our website. So, depending on their request, we’re now publishing 11th week class 6 ICT assignment on our website. Just keep reading all the question and answer will be found on the next section of the assignment.

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Class 6 Assignment 11th week 2021 ICT Question

So, in the image below we can see that class 6 11th week question is now publish. So, in this section, we’re going to making a solution for the Class 6 ICT assignment. This time 11th week assignment is from the 1st chapter of Class 6 ICT Text Book. And the name of the chapter is introduction of the Information and Communication Technology.

So, there is a 8 path of this assignment. Where you need to describe all the important of ICT in daily life. So, don’t worry about the question or answer. Because we’re here to serve you very well. In the next section, we’ll publish the assignment answer for you class 6 11th week assignment.



Download Class Six ICT Assignment 11th week

Class 6 Assignment 11th week 2021 ICT Answer

So, from the question above we can see that Class 6 ICT assignment is publish. In the question PDF we also see this is the ICT Assignment from 1st chapter. So, you need to read the 1st chapter for making answer the question. After knowing all the thing we can now start the class six 11th week answer writing process.

This is the ICT assignment question from very 1st chapter. So, the topic is introduction of the ICT. You also need to write some important usage of ICT in our daily life. So, you already short out the answer from text from following our instruction. Now write the class 6 11th week assignment answer. Follow the answer from PDF image below.



Download Class Six Assignment 11th week 2021 ICT Answer

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