SSC Result 2020 | Rajshahi Board

SSC Result 2020 | Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2020. Rajshahi Educational Board Publish the Result for 2020. After a long waiting Rajshahi Education Board publish SSC Full Marksheet with Marks. So, now anyone can download SSC Marksheet 2020 from Rajshahi Board Website.

So, SSC Result 2020 is now published. Whatever, SSC candidates of all the Rajshahi Education Board can search their results here. To check your SSC Result 2020 you need SSC Roll number and Registration number for get the SSC Result with Full Marksheet 2020.



Rajshahi Education Board

Bangladesh has eleven different education board for different region and category. So, Rajshahi Education Board is the General Education Board. So, they are working with general education system. Rajshahi is one of the biggest region of Bangladesh. So, Rajshahi Education Board is also a big Education Board.

Whatever, a large amount of Secondary and Higher Secondary students are completing their study under Rajshahi Education Board. So, SSC, HSC, JSC, PSC is the largest public exam of Rajshahi Education Board. Most importantly, all the students from Rajshahi Division are completing their SSC examination Under Rajshahi Education Board. So, SSC Result making all of these students are a challenging work to publish the result in a time.


So, around 2lak + students attend SSC Examination under Rajshahi Education Board. And, this is not so easy task to maintain a million of students. So, Rajshahi Education Board help country very perfectly, for improving the Education Level of the society. To know more about Rajshahi Education Board You may visit their website where many online services are listed.

Rajshahi Board SSC Exam

As Like all the Educationa Board, Rajshahi Board also taking SSC Exam every year. So, they also take their SSC Exam 2020. So, they started SSC exam on 2nd February of 2020. Good things is that Rajshahi Board finished the SSC Exam before the Corona Virus come. Because, if it couldn’t then SSC Exam may be hang on like HSC Exam 2020.


So, the exam finished on the 28th February of 2020. After the exam finish Rajshahi Education Board started to mark out the exam papers. As, the SSC Result should be published within two months. But Due to Covid-19, its got very hard to complete the task in time. So, after  three months they prepare themselves to publish the result.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2020

Finally, after a long waiting Rajshahi Education Board going to publish their SSC Result 2020. Though the SSC Result should be published a month ago. But there were some problems due to Covid-19 Virus spread. So, the Government announced lock down to the country. So, it comes difficult to collect all the papers from the examiners. And there need open place to annouced the Result.

But after a month waiting, Rajshahi Education Board Publish the SSC Result on their official website. So, anyone with their SSC Roll and Registration Number can check their Result. To check your SSC Result 2020 you have to visit official website of Rajshahi Board.


So, don’t worry how to get your SSC Result. Because we are here to help you. We write all the method and techniques of SSC Result checking method on the below step by step. So, you just need to follow some steps to get your results.

How to Check Raj Board SSC Result 2020

Here simply you can check your Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2020. Rajshahi Board already published their SSC Result 2020 on their Official Website. So, any students alongside Eboardresult and Educational board results website can check their result on Rajshahi Board Website.

Here are many different method to check your  SSC Result of Raj Education Board. So, all the method are listed below.

  • Check SSC Result though Eboardresult Website
  • Check though Rajshahi Board Official Website
  • Check though SMS Method
  • Check though EIIN


You can follow any of them method to check your Rajshahi Board Results. Don’t worry about the details process. So, we are going to discuss about every details steps on this post below.

Check SSC Result though Eboardresults

Whatever, every educational board result is available on Eboard Result website. So, alongside Rajshahi Board Website, you can check your SSC Result on eboardresults official website. To check SSC Result on that website you need your SSC Roll and Registration number.

We discuss details about SSC Result checking method on the below. Follow all the instruction step by step to check your result.

  • Firstly, visit Eboardresults official website from the below.
  • Now, select your Board Name as Rajshahi Board.
  • Then, type your Roll Number and Registration Number.
  • After that, select Individual Result.

Most importantly, type the Alphabet from the image shown.

  • Finally, press the Search Result button.


Check SSC Result

Check though Rajshahi Board Website

So, Rajshahi Board also has the technology to publish the SSC Result on their official website. So, its come easy for Rajshahi Board Students to their Result 2020. This is also a easy method. As there were too many pressure on the Official website. So, Rajshahi Board website would be alternative for Students.

Simply following some steps, you can get your SSC Result on Rajshahi Board Website. Just follow the instruction below to get your result.

  • Firstly, visit Official Website of Rajshahi Board from below.
  • Then go to Folafol Section of menu.
  • Now, Click on SSC Exam.
  • After that Fill up box with Roll and Registration Number.
  • Next, select year of 2020
  • Finally, press the Search Result Button.


Check Rajshahi Board Result

Your Rajshahi Board Result will appear in a moments. All the method are working. If you continuously getting error with any method please check with another one.

Checking though SMS Method

Rajshahi Board Students can also check their Result though SMS method. Though, online result checking is fast and free, But if someone wants to Check SSC Result though SMS method. Because it is easy and good for beginner of tech guys. So, go to your mobile screen and check your SSC Exam Result 2020.

You need to send a SMS using a format to 16222. It will SMS back to you with your Result. So, lets know the SMS Method details of SSC Result checking though Mobile.

  • Firstly, type SSC and leave a space.
  • Then, RAJ as first three leter of your Board
  • Now, type your SSC Roll Number
  • After that, type 2020 as your exam Year
  • Now send it to 16222



SSC RAJ 123456 2020 and send it to 16222

In a reply SMS, you will get your SSC Result. But this will be only total GPA. You have to wait for details Result with Marksheet. Or try online system to get your SSC Result 2020 though SMS Method.

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