SSC Result 2020 | Eboardresults

SSC Result 2020 | Eboardresults

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Secondary School Certificate Exam

Bangladesh is a massive people country. There almost 16 crore people lives here. So, the education system of Bangladesh is little bit different from First world country. So, Bangladesh has a educational system which cover the mass education. Almost there are three stage of education level here.

Firstly, there are mass primary education. So, every child of Bangladesh has to attend the mandatory education level. After pass the mass primary education all the students needs to join Secondary School level. Where they got their Higher School level education. Most importantly, this secondary education level will finished a public exam called SSC exam. Only, after pass the SSC exam all of them got their higher school certificate education entry.


SSC Exam 2020

In the last paragraph we discuss about Secondary School Certificate Exam. So, there sometimes a few different between every single SSC Exam of different years. Because of that, now we discuss about SSC Exam of this present Year. SSC Exam 2020 was little different between others years.

So, lets start the discussion. In this 2020 year SSC exam took place on 3rd February. In general SSC exam of every year running for almost 1 month and added a few extra days. But in this year SSC exam fully completed on 27th or same month of started. According to the SSC Exam Routine 2020, all the exams including practical was finished on 27th February.

Traditionally, SSC Exam start with the subject of Bangla every year. So, there was no different in this year too. After Bangla 1st and 2nd Part, English exam was held. Then all other theory subject took place after one another. But Practical part of Science Subject always took place on the last of the Routine days. So, SSC exam 2020 was finished with this schedule.


Secondary School Certificate Exam Result

As always students of all the academic, waiting for their Result after the exam finished. And SSC Candidates are also not different from others. They are waiting for the result. But this is not a easy task for the Bangladesh All Education Boards, publish the result immediately after the exam. Where there are so many theoretical and practical exam.

So, SSC Exam control authority always needs time to check the exam papers. Because, they can publish the accurate SSC Result only after checking all the SSC Exam papers correctly. So, it took some time after taking the SSC Exam to publish the SSC Exam result. In general, All the educational board took around 2 months for publish the SSC Result from the day of exam completed.


SSC Exam Result 2020

Finally, we are going to talking about SSC Exam Result 2020 right now. So, all of the visitors you remind that we talk last paragraph. Because of high amount of SSC Exam Paper solving, authority need around 2 months to publish the SSC Exam Mark sheets, So, now we can calculate the timing of SSC Result. Then we will get the accurate timing of Result publish date.

According to the SSC Exam Routine, the exam was finished on 27th February of this year 2020. So, the probable SSC Result published date is April 27th which around two months from exam over date. But still now second week of May, the authority can’t publish the SSC Exam Result 20. But the good news is that, the Ministry of Education confirm that they are trying hard to publish the SSC Result in this Month.

SSC Result Date Published

All of we know that SSC Result publish after two months from the exam finished date. There is no such term listed or no such rules. But we can measure the timing from the Previous SSC Result Publish Date. We attached the Previous SSC Result Publish Date for reference. Check the table first.


SSC Exam Year Result Publish Date
2020 May 31st
2019 May 6th
2018 May 6th
2017 May 4th
2016 May 11th
2015 May 30th

Source: Ministry of Education.

So, we are looking that, SSC Result always publish on May month. But this year SSC Exam took place early. So, the result must be published at least one month ago. But due to Covid-19 issue. Bangladesh needs to setup Lockdown. So, all the transportation are closed still now. So, its appear difficult to collect all the SSC Exam Paper from the examiner.

It is clear that, all the Exam Papers are still not calculated. So, this may took little more to publish the SSC Result. But the good news is that Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education confirm that, they are working hard for publish the SSC Exam Result as soon as possible.So, now we got the Final Date of SSC Result publishing date and time.

Finally, after a long waiting, DSHE published the SSC Result Publish Date. They told that result is almost ready. SSC Result will be deliver to Prime Minister on 31st May 2020. So, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will publish the SSC Result on 31st May 2020 at 10.00 AM in Gonovobon. So, congratulation to all our SSC Candidates.


How to check SSC Exam Result 2020 Online

So, we already discuss about SSC Exam details in last paragraphs. But all of the candidates of SSC Exam needs to check their result. Modern technology made the online result checking system so easy. So, everyone can check their SSC Result easily. Online SSC Result Checking system is so easy. In general, you can check this result in many ways. As, there will a huge traffic on every server of Education board. So, you must need to know each and every ways to reveal your SSC Result.

There are several ways for checking the result. We are now going to publish the every ways to get the most outfit. If you try multiple ways then you can get your result before all. There ways are listed below.

  • Using Our Website
  • Using Official Website
  • Using SMS Method
  • Using Official Mobile App
  • Using EIIN (Institute)

So, you can easily check your Result using all of these methods. All the methods are so easy. But some of you may got problems to using the methods. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. We’ll discuss every method in details in the post. So, continue to reading the post for made easy finding the Result.


Check SSC Result Instant on our Website

So, the great new is that, you can easily check your SSC Result on our Website. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just Follow some simple steps Below and you will get your SSC Result immediately. Follow the instruction Below.

  • Firstly, Select your board from the list.
  • Then, select your exam as SSC/ Dakhil
  • After that, select Year of 2020
  • Type your roll number in the below.
  • Then, Type your Registration number to get the whole result with Marksheet.
  • Finally, press the Search Button


Your SSC Result will appear in a moments. If you want to check your result again. Then Clear the field and type the information again. You will get your new result instantly.

Check SSC Result Online though Official Website

If you face any problem with our website on checking result. So, there are another ways to get your result. Due to high traffic sometimes it got error. So, you can check your result on the Education Board Official Website. You just need to follow some instruction to check your SSC Result 2020.

The instruction are in below. Follow the instruction step by step to get your result without getting any error.

  • Firstly, visit the Education Board Official Website from the link below.
  • Then, a new window will appear to your mobile or computer screen.
  • After that, Select exam from the list as SSC / Dakhil.
  • Next, Select Select your Board from the list.
  • Then, type your SSC Roll in the box.
  • Finally, hit the Search button.


Search SSC result

After complete the search Education Board will publish the result immediately. So, you will get your real result from the Education Board Official Website. Continue to get another method.

Check SSC Exam / Dakhil Result SMS Method

In this century, everyone has computer or at least a Smartphone. So, they can easily check their SSC Result Online. But some of the candidates don’t has even Smartphone. But everyone has Cellular Mobile phone. So, don’t get upset. There are a traditional Result checking system for those.

You can easily check your result from your normal mobile phone. Just follow some simple steps to get your results.

  • Firstly, go to Message Write option to your Mobile Phone.
  • Type SSC / Dakhil as you require. And leave a space.
  • Then type first 3 digit of your Board Name and leave a space.
  • After that, type your SSC Roll and leave a space.
  • Finally, type 2020 as exam year and send it to 16222

SMS Format:

              SSC [space] DHA [space] 567805 [space] 2020 and send o 16222


              SSC  DHA 567805 2020 and send o 16222

In the reply message, you will get your SSC Result though your Mobile Phone SMS system. Please be sure that your mobile balance is greater 3.00 Taka.

First 3 Letter of Educational Boards

Dhaka = DHA, Chittagong = CHI, Rajshahi = RAJ, Comilla = COM, Sylhet = SYL, Barisal = BAR, Jossore = JOS, Dinajpur = DIN, Technical = TEC, Madrasha = MAD

Check SSC / Vocational Result via Official Mobile Apps

Now everyone has a smartphone on his hand. So, everyone will like to check SSC Result though his Smartphone Apps. The good news is you can do this if you want. Bangladesh Education Board has its own Official Mobile apps to check the SSC Result 2020.

So, you just need to follow some steps to get Eboard Results Mobile App.

  • Firstly, Visit the google PlayStore from the link below.
  • Then, download the Official Mobile Android App.
  • After That, install the app and open it.
  • Now, Select SSC/ Dakhil from the exam box.
  • Next, Select your Board from the menu.
  • Then Select 2020 from the year box.
  • After that, Type your SSC Roll and Registration Number
  • Finally, press hit the Search button.


SSC Result Andoid App

Your result will appear in a moments. If you want only result then only roll number in enough. But if you want full result with Marksheet. Then Registration number is mandatory.

Check SSC / Dakhil Result Using EIIN 2020

Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN) is another popular method for check SSC Result. But as all of us know this is usually used for institutional result checking system. Individual or Marksheet result will not be available in this method. Only Institution means schools can check their total result with only GPA Mark of every SSC Roll.

So, if you want to check your School Total SSC Result in a chart, then you need some information to check SSCInstitional Result in this method. Simply follow some easy steps. Below all the process is describe briefly.

  • At First, visit Official EIIN Website from the link Below.
  • So then, Select your Board from the list.
  • Next to Enter specific School EIIN. If you don’t have. Please download from below.
  • After that select SSC/Dakhil or Equivalent as exam type
  • Finally press the Get Institutional Result button.

EIIN Website Link

Your School whole result will appear in a moment. Please download the Result page as pdf or Print the webpage for future reference. Bangladesh All School EIIN is listed below.

Click here to Download School EIIN Number

Dakhil Exam Result 2020

So, when the time of ssc result publishing, Dakhil Result also published. As Dakhil is a equivalent examination system of SSC. Actually this examination has some sort of same Syllabus. But as this is a Madrasha based education system. So, there are some different Books and subjects than SSC Exam.

Dakhil exam result is controlled by Madrashah Board of Bangladesh. This is a different education board for the Madrashah Education System. So, they controlled the Madrashah curriculum and syllabus. But as this is similar to SSC Exam System, So, Dakhil Exam also appear in the routine of SSC Exam. And Result Also published with SSC Exam Result.

Finally, Dakhil Exam Result 2020 is now published. So, you can now easily check your Dakhil Result in our website. it is very easy to get your Dakhil Result with Full Marksheet and Details Marks. So, you just need small sort of information. You need to input your Dakhil Exam Result. And need to select your Exam Board As Madrashah. Follow the instruction below.

SSC Result Pre Registration is Open

So, we already known that our PM will publish the Result on 31st May Morning. So, candidates are ready to getting their SSC Result 2020. Some of them are worry about the result. But thanks to the educational departments that they prepare the SSC Result for publish in the Coronavirus times.

So, due to corona virus lockdown is still. So, gathering is discouraged in this time. But checking result is also important. So, Government and Teletalk planning to Pre registration system for getting their result. Students need to send a SMS following some guidelines with their SSC Roll and Board name. Then need to send it to 16222. The details method is written above on SMS Method result checking para.

If, any students send the Pre registration SMS early, they will get their SSC Result immediately after publish the result. But in this case, keep in mind Pre registration SMS must be send at least before 48hrs of Result Publishing. Result will be published on 31st May. So, the last date for sending pre registration SMS is 29th May 2020.

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