Vikrant Rona Full Movie Review & Explanation

Vikrant Rona Full Movie Review & Explanation


Storyline Vikrant Rona 2022 Movie

Vikrant Rona 2022 is about almost half a century ago, a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural.

Movie Short Overview

Vikrant Rona 2022 is an upcoming Indian Kannada-language fantasy action-adventure film. Though, this film is directed by Anup Bhandari. Otherwise, it stars Sudeep in the title role alongside Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez. Most importantly, the film is scheduled to be released theatrically worldwide on 28 July 2022.

Earlier, Kannada superstar Sudeep is quite upbeat about his upcoming movie Vikrant Rona. Though this movie is a fantasy thriller and it is the costliest film in Sudeep’s career. Moreover, he’s leaving no stones unturned to ensure that the film gets the biggest launch worldwide. In our last movie review post, we publish the Shehzada 2022 full movie Review & Explanation on our site. You may read the movie reviews from the site.

Director Anup Bhandari
Story Anup Bhandari, John Mahendran
Screenplay Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok
Music Director B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Runtime 2h 15m
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Vikrant Rona Movie Review 2022

Earlier, recently in an interview, Sudeep revealed that Vikrant Rona came to him as a project to be produced under his banner with a set of fresh faces on a tight budget. However, after listening to the narration from director Anup Bhandari, Sudeep decided to raise the stakes. Overall, he said, it will be wonderful but which role? I said, Vikrant Rona. After then, he said, but sir the character has a daughter and no heroine? I said I don’t sign films for heroines. Just do it for the script.”

Sudeep added, that I insisted that we shoot everything indoor. Though, we get the aesthetics right. No real locations. Meanwhile, I started thinking and feeling like we need to make a film like Jumanji. After then, We should have sets like Tarzan and Indiana Jones. And nothing real-time can support you on that. You have to create.

Movie Production Information

Actor Sudeep began filming Kotigobba 3 and Phantom simultaneously. The producers originally planned to cast Sudeep’s nephew Sanchith Sanjeev but went with Nirup Bhandari instead. When the team preparing for the second schedule COVID-19 pandemic hit badly and the work stopped. On 13 June, the crew announced they would resume shooting in July. Jacqueline Fernandez plays a prominent role along with a song appearance.

The film is scheduled to be released worldwide on 28 July 2022 with a 3D version. Earlier the film was scheduled to release on 19 August 2021. However, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic to 24 February 2022, and later to 28 July 2022. In addition, the film will be dubbed and released in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Arabic, German, Russian, Mandarin, and English languages. The Hindi version of the film is going to be distributed by Salman Khan Films and PVR Pictures all over North India. The overseas rights have been bought by One Twenty-8 Media.

Release Date July 28, 2022 (India)
Language Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Mandarin, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, English
Budget Not exposed yet
Box Office Pending
Production House Kiccha Creations, One Twenty 8 Media, Shalini Artss
Country India

Movie Trailer and Teaser

Earlier, Salman Khan took to Twitter on Thursday and unveiled an intriguing trailer for Vikrant Rona 2022. Moreover, Kiccha Sudeep starrer adventure mystery thriller Vikrant Rona. Otherwise, Salman also penned a special note for the Kannada star as he congratulated him on the trailer’s release. However, he wrote, “Brother KicchaSudeep the world will be proud of VikrantRona. He also added VikrantRonaTrailer is TRULY MARVELLOUS.” The movie also stars Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok in key roles.

Though the nearly three-minute trailer opens with a woman narrating the story of a cursed village haunted by a mysterious man known only as the Devil. Above all, “It was a land that everyone feared,” she says. Meanwhile, then came a man who knew no fear—Vikrant Rona. However, he arrives aboard an old-timey boat, wearing a dusty leather jacket, smoking a cigar, and wielding a vintage handgun.

Movie Top Cast

Vikrant Rona 2022 movie is directed by Anup Bhandari. Otherwise, Vikrant Rona also stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok. Moreover, this movie will release in almost 8 different languages. Meanwhile, movie trailers in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu have also been released. Above all, The film itself will additionally get an Arabic, German, Russian, and Mandarin release as well. Vikrant Rona is slated to release theatrically on July 28, 2022 worldwide.

Sudeep Vikrant Rona
Nirup Bhandari Sanjeev Gambhira
Neetha Ashok Aparna Ballal
Jacqueline Fernandez Gadang Rakkamma
Samhitha Vikrant Rona’s daughter
Abhinay Raj Singh Vikrant Brother
Heroxicated Armaan Armaan
Madhusudan Rao as Janardhan Gambhira

Movie All Songs

Therefore. Vikrant Rona 2022 movie Music director B. Ajaneesh Loknath composes songs and background music for the movie. Overall,  it’s his first collaboration with actor Sudeep.  According to the released ”Promotional Route Map’ by Vikrant Rona, the film will be having 5 songs. Moreover, The track “Ra Ra Rakkamma” served as the lead single from the soundtrack album.

However, actor Sudeep when asked about songs in an interview with Akul Balaji. Though he said ‘There are 3 and a quarter songs in the movie’, according to the Promotional Map released by the director there were 5 songs stated in the image. Moreover, Kichcha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez’s much-awaited trailer from Vikrant Rona is out. The video is a visual treat with great visuals, action, and thrilling elements.

Source: IMDB

Watch Vikrant Rona 2022 Full Movie Online

The first trailer for the wild-looking Indian action-adventure film Vikrant Rona 2022 was unveiled. Starring Kichcha Sudeepa who is popularly known as Sudeep. However, the film is being touted as a 3D experience at a time when the format has appeared to have lost its appeal worldwide. Otherwise, Modeled after the Indiana Jones films Vikrant Rona is the latest in a recent new wave of visual effects-heavy Indian films that aim to target audiences across the diverse nation.

So, viewers get ready to watch Vikrant Rona 2022 full movie online and enjoy your time. Thank you!

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