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Rajshahi university admission is the most competitive exam in the admission time. As RU is one of the largest and most popular university in the country. So, every hsc passed students have a dream to get admit in the varsity. Rajshahi university has almost 60+ departments and subjects including 8 different faculty. So, any interest of candidates can available here. As the subjects are different with its syllabus.


So, Ru need to filter the admission process for easy processing. This year they divided the admission exam in 3 different unit. A unit is the faculty for humanities and social science subjects. So, arts and social science student can get admit to this faculty from A unit admission exam. Though this is the departments for arts and humanities. But there is still a few seats available for science and commerce students.


RU A Unit Admission Exam 2022

Before publish the ru a unit result 2022, lets have some discussion on a unit exam type and process. RU has 3 different unit for conduct admission test. Because there is a lot of admission candidates every year for honors admission and this is a big challenge to take the exam in time. So, they divided the exam is 3 units depends on their subjects category and background of the hsc examination.


RU A unit is the exam platform for humanities students. Though social science departments are also included in this unit also. So, students from social science and arts faculty will get admit into RU a unit departments. A unit exam was start on 26 July 2022. After the exam we, publish RU A unit exam question solution 2022 on our website. If you have a confusion on counting mark you may check the question solution.

When RU A Unit Result 2021-22 will publish?

RU A unit exam conduct on 26 July 2022. The a unit exam was MCQ format and multiple choice question. So, RU need to check all the way mark answer sheet for counting the result. According to the RU A unit exam routine, almost 78,000 candidates attend the RU a unit exam this year. So, this is a huge task t solve all the answer sheet and preparing the a unit result. So, it takes a little time to publish the A unit result.


In general, Rajshahi university publish every unit results within a week or a little more days. As the exam is taken in 3 different days. So, result will not publish in a day for all unit. A unit exam took place on 26 July. So, 1 week is already passed. Now its time to publish the RU a unit result 2022. According to the ru admission portal, the a unit result will publish on 12.00pm on 03 august 2022.

RU A Unit Exam Result 2022

However, candidates who admit in RU A Unit Exam. are searching for their A Unit Result. So, we are going to publish A Unit Result on this post. Read the article carefully, to check your A Unit Result. So, you are searching for your A Unit Result. Today the Result will publish. RU A unit result in now publish on ru admission portal. So, easily check the result from our website with your using admission roll number.


Keep in mind that, a lot of candidates attend the ru a unit admission exam. But there is only a few seat available on the a unit faculty. So, who get the higher marks on the admission exam only get the chance to get admit in ru a unit exam. Though, you need a lower mark to pass the exam. But only higher number can confirm your admission on the a unit exam. So, roll number with higher score with get higher position on the merit list.

How to Check RU A Unit Result Online

Finally, RU A Unit Result in now available to check and download. So, you can now check your A Unit Result online. To check your result you just need your A Unit Roll Number. Then, you can check your result. Follow the instruction step by step to check your RU A Unit Result. RU A unit result 2022 only available on the online to check. You need to login on the ru admission portal and check result on the site.


  • Firstly, you need to visit RU Admission Website.
  • Then, a new window will open. Select your A Unit from the first box.
  • After That, type your A Unit Roll Number on the Second Box.
  • Finally, press the Submit button.


Check A Unit Result


So, your A Unit Result 2019 will appear in a moment. So, check your Marks and RU A Unit Merit List and RU A Unit Waiting List. Let us know if you need any problem.

RU A Unit Exam Merit List Download

So, from the previous paragraph, we already learn that, RU a unit result is now published. So, any candidates with the specific roll number can check their RU A unit result easily from the method written above. Students need to type his or her roll number on the box and select A unit from the dropdown menu. Then easily get their a unit result clicking on get result button with merit list.


Though this is a very easy process. But lot of candidates will search for Ru a unit merit list. So, we plan to publish A unit result with merit list 1, merit list 2, merit list 3 and merit list 4 2022 on our website. So, you can easily download A unit merit list from this post and check your result on it. after the check result from the site check your merit list number. Because students will get admit depend on their admission merit.

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