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Movie Storyline

Radhe Shyam 2022: In 1976, Vikramaditya, a palmist and disciple of Paramahamsa, predicts to Indian Prime Minsiter Indira Gandhi that soon she will declare emergency in the country. The prediction comes true and he becomes famous but has to leave the country for the same. Two years later Vikramaditya is a renowned palmist in Italy and loves to travel all over. He returns to his house after a long time to be with his mother and friend Vedant.

Vikramaditya does not believe in love and and has short relationships with females. During a train journey he meets Prerna and falls for her. Once Vikramaditya predicts future to a businessman Mahendra Rajput, for which he is not ready. His men chase him on road where he meets with accident and lands in the hospital where Prerna works as a doctor. Vikramaditya and Prerna fall in love but her uncle asks her to stay away from him.

Once while traveling in a train Vikramaditya finds that all passengers in it have short life and the train will meet in an accident. He tries to save them but in vain. Prerna starts to believe in his predictions and asks him to check her palm and collapses in his arms. Her uncle tells Adithya that Prerna is suffering from rare tumor and has few months to live. But Vikramaditya tells that he has seen Prerna’s palm and that she has long life ahead and that his prediction have never gone wrong

Movie Short Overview

Radhe Shyam full movie is directed by Radha Krishna Kumar. So, Prabhas’s new movie Radhe Shyam movie is produced by Radhe Shyam and the movie director is Radha Krishna Kumar. And most importantly Radhe Shyam full movie in Telugu and Hindi languages. So basically anyone can enjoy Radhe Shyam full movie in two different languages. 
In Prabhas’s new movie  Radhe Shyam, we will watch Pooja Hegde as the opposite character Prabhas. In Radhe Shyam movie Prabhas as Vikramaditya Plays the role of a palmist and Pooja Hegde as Preena plays the role of a doctor. As in this movie, Radhe Shyam Prabhas is a palmist and this movie is all about fate, love, destiny, and relationship and all. 

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Direcor Radha Krishna Kumar
Story Abbas Dalal, Hussain Dalal, Madhan Karky
Screenplay Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Bhagyashree Patwardhan
Music Director S. Thaman
Runtime 2h 18m
Genres Drama, Romance

Radhe Shyam 2022 Movie Review

Prabhas’s new movie Radhe Shyam movie is all about love, romance, and drama. In Radhe Shyam Prabhas as Vikramaditya is a palmist and opposite site the main actress Pooja Hegde as Preena is a doctor. At first, Vikramaditya doesn’t believe in any relationship but after saw Preena he falls in love immediately. But Preena is a patient with an incurable tumor and may die within months. After many dramas In the end they get married finally.

Prabhas’s many fans are trying to search out that is  Radhe Shyam a true story or not? But not such like that. This is a filmy love story. This love story is about a palmist with a doctor. A palmist who doesn’t believe in relationships and all and other sides, a doctor who believes in love, faith, relationship, and all. All these things and scenes are just amazing to enjoy Prabhas’s new film Radhe Shyam.

Movie Production Information

Many girls’ dream boy Prabhas the new movie Radhe Shyam, and they just want to know about Radhe Shyam movie’s release date. So, the new Radhe Shyam movie release date in Bollywood and other places is 11 March 2022 (India). Prabhas fans are so much excited about this movie that they are just searching about Prabha’s new movie release date or the release date of the Radhe Shyam movie. They just wait to know Radhe Shyam movie release date Prabhas. 

After releasing Radhe Shyam on 11 March 2022, they got appreciation with criticism, overall they got mixed reviews. They were appreciated for the performances and production values but got criticism for their screenplay and narration. Radhe Shyam movie budget is ₹300–350 crore. But after release, this movie had to suffer losses amounting to over ₹100 crores, the highest for an Indian film.

Release Date 11 March 2022
Language Telegu
Budget ₹300–350 crore
Box Office $15,975,683
Production House Gopikrishna Movies, T-Series Films, UV Creations
Country India

Radhe Shyam 2022 Movie Trailer and Teaser

Prabhas’s new movie Radhey Shyam, the trailer is just full of fantasy. Whoever, watch this trailer, just lost themself in this scene. Beautiful scenery, dream boy Prabhas with Pooja. Otherwise, we always saw Pravash as an action hero in every movie but new  Radhey Shyam movie we can see a new Prabhas in a new look new character. In Radhey Shyam movie we will see a dramatic and romantic Prabhash who doesn’t believe in relationships but after seeing Pooja he just falls in love with her.

Prabhas’s this new romantic movie has to face a big loss but Prabhas’s fans just loves to watch out this movie. Prabhas fans are all loving the Radhey Shyam movie trailer and also love the movie Prabhas dialogues and Radhey Shyam movie story. They love to collect Radhey Shyam movie posters, movie images, and also movie pictures. They are also searching for movie HD images. So, in Radhey Shyam movie Prabhas is in such a new look to surprise and excite his fans and they are giving him new ratings and all.

Movie Top Cast

In the new movie Radhey Shyam, there are many amazing and cool actors in this movie. All characters are in a new form. In the movie cast you will these characters and also know about their role. As we all know, Handsome Prabhas is the main and most demanding character in this new movie Radhey Shyam. In Prabhas’s new film Radhey Shyam, Prabhas is as Vikramaditya who is a world-renowned palmist. Hero Vikramaditya and the main heroine or actress is Pooja Hegde. Pooja Hegde is as Prerana. 

Otherwise, in the Radhey Shyam movie cast, there are also some other interesting characters like Bhagyashree Patwardhan acting as Girija Rani, Krishnamraju as Paramahamsa, and also Jagapathi Babu as Anand Rajput. Moreover, Sachin Khedekar in the role of Prerana’s Uncle, and Murli Sharma in the role of Prerana’s father. Last of all Bikram Malati as Betal Singh and Kunaal Roy Kapur as Vedant.

Prabhas as Vikramaditya
Pooja Hegde as Prerana
Bhagyashree Patwardhan as Girija Rani
Krishnamraju as Paramahamsa
Jagapathi Babu as Anand Rajput
Sachin Khedekar as Prerana’s Uncle
Murli Sharma as Prerana’s father
Kunaal Roy Kapur as Vedant
Bikram Malati as Betal Singh
Hani Yadav as Narayan Goyal

Radhe Shyam 2022 Movie All Songs

Prabhas’s new film Radhey Shyam, in this movie there are many songs by Prabhas and Pooja together. In this Radhey Shyam movie, there are almost 10-12 songs in this movie. All these songs are Jaan Hai Meri, Sanchari,  Main Ishq Mein Hoon, Labon Pe Naam, Ye Ishq Na Ho, Ninnele, Ye Ishq Na Ho,  Soch Liya, Aashiqui Aa Gayi, Ee Raathale, Beats Of Radhe Shyam, Nagumomu Thaarale, Udd Jaa Parindey. 

Prabhas’s all these songs are now very famous songs of Radhey Shyam movie. Many people are just watching out Radhey Shyam movie’s all this song. Especially Beats of  Radhe Shyam is very famous and many people love this music also searching for Beats of  Radhe Shyam as a ringtone as well. Otherwise, peoples trying to  Radhey Shyam movie songs download or Radhey Shyam movie mp3 songs download.

Song Details
Jaan Hai Meri

Singer: Armaan Malik

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Rashmi Virag

Music Composer: Amaal Mallik



Singer: Anirudh Ravichander

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Krishna Kanth

Music Composer: Justin Prabhakaran


Main Ishq Mein Hoon

Singer: Manan Bhardwaj, Harjot Kaur

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Kumaar

Music Composer: Manan Bhardwaj


Labon Pe Naam

Singer: Armaan Malik

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Rashmi Virag

Music Composer: Amaal Mallik


Ye Ishq Na Ho 

Singer: Manan Bhardwaj, Harjot Kaur

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Kumaar

Music Composer: Manan Bhardwaj


Source: imdb

Watch Radhey Shyam Movie Online

Prabhas new film Radhey Shyam has already been released. So, Pabhas’s all fans and followers just desperately wanna enjoy this movie. That’s why Tamil fans are searching everywhere for Radhey Shyam full movie. Otherwise, many fans are also searching for Radhey Shyam full movie on Telugu youtube, Radhey Shyam Telugu movie download, or also Radhey Shyam full movie Telugu download. So, Prabhas’s Tamil fans try to Radhey Shyam Telugu movie watch online and enjoy it. 

Besides all this, people are also trying to look out for Radhey Shyam full movie’s Hindi dubbed, or Tamil dubbed isaimini. Otherwise, in the country’s other areas people looking out Radhey Shyam Kannada movies or Radhey Shyam Malayalam movies, and south people searching for Radhey Shyam south movies. So different fans are trying to reach out Radhey Shyam to watch a full movie. 

There are many different sides to search for new movies. However, they are searching like  Radhey Shyam Tamil dubbed movie download isaimini, also Radhey Shyam movie download in Hindi moviezwap, or they want to Radhey Shyam full movie download. If you are also trying to enjoy the full movie then watch Radhey Shyam full movie online. You can enjoy Radhey Shyam full movie in different OTT platforms. You can search on amazon prime or Netflix and then Radhey Shyam full movie watch online.  

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