Operation Romeo 2022 Movie Review & Explanation

Operation Romeo 2022 Movie Review & Explanation


Operation Romeo 2022 Movie Storyline

Operation Romeo 2022 storyline actually based on a story of Revenge. For more details continue to read the whole review and explainaitation aticle.

Movie Short Overview

Operation Romeo movie is Shashant Shah’s new film in the year 2022. Operation Romeo is directed by Shashant Shah. Ratheesh Ravi has write up the story of Operation Romeo. And movie director Shashant Shah has create  this movie based on a true event. Operation Romeo movie is available in Hindi language. On our last review article we erite about Runway 34 full movie review and explaination, you may read also.

Whatever, in Operation Romeo Hindi movie, Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto is the lead actor. So, they are the main actor and actresses in the Operation Romeo movie 2022. After watching the movie story, a question will be raised in many people’s minds is Operation Romeo movie a real story? The film follows the impact, apprehension, and fear of moral policing on young couples. So, Operation Romeo is based on a true incident as well. 

Director Shashant Shah
Story Ratheesh Ravi
Screenplay Arshad Syed
Music Director M.M. Keeravani
Runtime 2h 2m
Genres Drama

Movie Review

Operation Romeo movie is basically a drama-type movie. So, there is not so many action scene in Operation Romeo movie. Operation Romeo full movie is in the Hindi version. In this movie, there are some amazing and cool actors in India. They are Sidhant Gupta, Vedika Pinto, Sharad Kelkar, and Bhoomika Chawla. And these actors and actresses are playing different amazing roles in the new Operation Romeo movie 2022.

The new Hindi movie Operation Romeo  is a real story. These incidents with many young couples often happens in India some years back. These young couples got harassed by police and all. And in this bold matter director, Shashant Shah created Operation Romeo. Maybe, for this effective reason, the Operation Romeo movie review is gradually growing. Otherwise, hope that we will also enjoy movie dialogues and other climax scenes and all in Operation Romeo. 

Movie Production Information

Every movie seeker wants to know about a new and amazing story, and that’s why you guys want to know about the Operation Romeo movie release date. Operation Romeo movie release date is 22 April 2022. So, yes Operation Romeo Hindi movie release date is in this month. Otherwise, Shashant Shah’s Operation Romeo movie budget still doesn’t get known. But, Operation Romeo movie rating is growing day by day.

Many people search Bollywood Operation Romeo full movie on youtube. But guys just be patient and hope so Operation Romeo full movie will release this month and everyone can enjoy this movie. So, don’t be patientless in searching out the Operation Romeo movie release date. 

Release Date 22 April, 2022 (India)
Language Hindi
Budget Pending
Box Office Pending
Production House E4 Entertainment, Friday Filmworks, Plan C Studios
Country India

Movie Trailer and Teaser

Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto’s new  Operation Romeo movie trailer is just like a true incident that happened often in our society. These incidents just normally happened any time in India some years back and maybe still now young couples have to face this humiliation and harassment from police that is shown in the trailer of Operation Romeo movie. Whatever, India’s this portion trying to show in the Hindi movie Operation Romeo trailer. 

Though Operation Romeo movie story is about a true incident but in the full Operation Romeo movie there is some many exciting climax scene will happen hope so. Thats why we all have wait for release date of Operation Romeo movie. Anyway. there are many movie viewers who are also searching for Operation Romeo movie templates and movie poster. Otherwise, others want Operation Romeo movie hd images, movie images and movie pics.

So, after this let’s see,  will any fan follower will search for Operation Romeo movie tickets?

Operation Romeo 2022 Top Cast

In the movie cast Operation Romeo there is two cool young actor and actress, name Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto. So, in this movie two main and very important female parts are done by two good actresses, they are Vedika Pinto and Bhoomika Chawla. Vedika Pinto is an Indian actress, model, and dancer, and she is now best known for starring in the music video ‘Liggi’ by Ritviz. Beside, Bhoomika Chawla is another one of India’s best actors. She has done many famous movies already. In the Operation Romeo movie heroine is Vedika Pinto but both  Vedika and Bhoomika are the main movie actresses. 

In the Operation Romeo movie cast, there are also two amazing Indian male actors. They are Sharad Kelkar and Sidhant Gupta. Both of them are Indian actors and also very famous actors for their cool and amazing acting skills. Sidhant Gupta is the Operation Romeo movie’s main character and hero. So, the movie hero’s name is Sidhant Gupta. Probably, Sharad Kelkar is the main villain of the story of Operation Romeo.

Sidhant Gupta as                 
Vedika Pinto as
Sharad Kelkar as
Kishore Kadam as
Bhoomika Chawla as

Operation Romeo 2022 Movie All Songs

Meanwhile, Operation Romeo movie has three amazing movie songs. In addition, that song’s name is Tere Bin Jeena Kya, Abhi Abhi, and Yeh Kyun Kiya. Operation Romeo movie’s all songs are in Hindi version. Operation Romeo movie’s music director is India’s M.M. Kreem. This movie’s all songs are lyricist is Manoj Muntashir, and the singer is Rupali Jagga, Vishal Mishra. So, this can be said that from this amazing artist’s work out these amazing three songs has created. 

Tere Bin Jeena Kya songs lyrics are quite interesting so song lovers are searching out and listening to this song more. Besides this, Abhi Abhi songs music is quite good as well, so this is also a lovely song. Above all, Operation Romeo movie’s all these songs you can easily enjoy on youtube. Otherwise, you can download the Operation Romeo movie songs download and hear them on your phone online or online. 

Song Details
Tere Bin Jeena Kya

Singer: Rupali Jagga, Vishal Mishra

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Manoj Muntashir

Music Composer: M.M. Kreem


Abhi Abhi

Singer: Neeti Mohan

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Manoj Muntashir

Music Composer: M.M. Kreem


Yeh Kyun Kiya

Singer: Vishal Mishra

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Manoj Muntashir

Music Composer: M.M. Kreem


Source: imdb

Watch Operation Romeo Full Movie Online

Finally, guys ready to enjoy Operation Romeo full movie in hindi. After Operation Romeo full movie release, you can also choose another option like to Operation Romeo full movie download. Otherwise, then you can also get this movie in different OTT platforms. You can get this movie on amazon prime or Netflix. People can also search out this movie different online platforms. Many people search on YouTube also but so early may be you couldn’t be able to get Operation Romeo full movie.

Besides, there are some different people who just cant wait to enjoy any new movie. So, they just want to get a new movie. Therefore, they have to choose other irregular option. As a result, Like, they search on many other sites that can’t give you real or full movie. Otherwise, many viewers think to enjoy movie by free download. That is to say, they just try to Operation Romeo full movie free download. But viewers don’t do this and try to enjoy Operation Romeo full movie in hindi with real movie.

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