New Office Time in Bangladesh

New Office Time in Bangladesh

Bangladesh government publish a new office time to save some electricity to reduce the load shedding. Bangladesh is in a fuel crisis now. So, they want to save some electricity by following any option available. Even, they schedule a lead shedding to balance the electricity demand. So, as part of this initiative now government planning to bring some changes in office time and publish a new circular on new office schedule for government and autonomous institute of the country.

New office time in Bangladesh is publish by Cabinet Secretary. But the time will execute from Wednesday. The rest of the the days will continue with previous instruction. New office time will be morning 8.00am to afternoon 3.00pm for government official time. Friday and Saturday will be off day for government office. They also declare that, educational institute will also close on 2 days of week.


Important Date and Time about New Office Time

Topic Date & Time
New Office Time Start 24 August 2022, Wednesday
New Office Time Complete Until further notice
Govt Office New Time 08.00 AM – 03.00 PM
Bank New Office Time 09.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Applicable for Govt Office and Autonomous Institute
School and Collage Office Time Not Publish
Private Office New Time Not Publish

New Office Time in Bangladesh

As already mention in previous section, government publish a new office time for government and autonomous institute. The plan is to save the electricity. As Bangladesh is in a fuel crisis and reduce the electricity generation, now planning to reduce the office hour and save some energy. People are talking about this will be a great initiative. Not only office but also educational institute will also follow the rules.

So, according to the new office time notice, the government office will be open at 8.00am instead of 10.00am and will close on 03.00pm instead of 5.00pm. So, offices can use more day light instead of artificial lights. We hope, it can save a lot of energy and reduce the global warming. This schedule is for government office and autonomous institutes. New office time for private sector not publish yet.

New Office Time for Bank in Bangladesh

Whatever, we already mention the that, the new time will start from Wednesday. But keep in mind, the notice is only for government and autonomous institute. The ministry of cabinet announce that, Bangladesh bank will publish the new office time for all bank of the country. As the bank is the core of the country and economics. So, they may be need a different time to adjust with business hour.

So, Bangladesh Bank publish their new office time for the bank and other financial institute as well. Though, the bank will start on 09.00 am instead of previous time 10.00am. And keep open and provide service until 4.00pm. So, that, personal and business owner will get a good business hour to cover their needs with banks. This new time will also effective from Wednesday. Until then, previous time fit suitable.

New School and Collage time in BD

This new office time will also bring some changes on School and collage schedule as well. Because there is a lot of offices in school and collage. So, if the plan is to save some electricity and save power, then it will not success without touch educational institute. So, government also plan bring changes on school and collage also. But they didn’t fixed the new office time for school and collage.

Department of cabinet ministry mention, ministry of education will publish the new office time for school and collage. So, education ministry publish the new office and school collage class time for Wednesday. They also mention, every curtain must remain open to proper use the day light on school and collage. Also need to reduce the use of air conditioner at school and collage as much as possible.

Two Days Weekend on Educational Institute

Finally, we all learn about the new date and time for office hour. So, we need to follow the new office time from Wednesday. Alongside all the office need to follow some rules for save the energy. Government office will be remains closed for two days of the week. So, Friday and Saturday will be the official off day. There is anther instruction for school and collage. Follow the post below.

Whatever, school and collage will be remain close for two days on week. But they didn’t mention the exam date. As all we already know the one day is Friday. But educational ministry will publish the name of the other day of the week very soon. Then all the school and collage must be follow the instruction as well. So, this is the new office schedule for government office, autonomous office, school, collage, bank and other financial institute.

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