New Fuel Oil Price Update

New Fuel Oil Price Update

Fuel is the backbone of any nation and its economy. Fuel price is very high from a few days ago due to some unwanted situation of world politics. But the fuel price was good in Bangladesh for years. But last night government increase the price almost upto 50% on petrol, diesel, octane and kerosene. So, a bad situation is created in the market and transport section. In this post, we’ll discuss details about new and update oil price petrol, diesel, octane in this post.


As all we can understand, the price of transport will be increase day to day. Already a lot of products price are high in the market. In the meantime Bangladesh government increase the petrol, octane, diesel fuel price in the petrol pump. So, people are going to experience very bad situation upcoming days. In this post, we discuss details about why the fuel price increase. How much petrol, diesel, octane cost per liter today.


Why Bangladesh Government Increase the Fuel Price

Fuel price is Bangladesh was in very good and consistent condition. Government increase the fuel price last on 2016. But suddenly the government increase the all of petrol, diesel, octane price in Bangladesh last night. So, its becomes the nightmare for the middle class people to balance the living cost of their life. But the question is why government increase the petrol, diesel and octane price suddenly.


The fact is Bangladesh government is under economical pressure currently. So, they are trying to balance the subsidy from every side of the economy. There is also another fact present here. Government apply for a loan from IMF. But they have a condition that, bd government must need to balance all the subsidy from all sector before proceed the loan. So, they increase the petrol, octane, diesel price to balance the subsidy from fuel sector.

New Fuel Oil Price Update News

In this post, we’re going to publish the all kind of Petrol, Diesel, Octane and Kerosene price. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) suddenly increase the all kind of fuel price. So, people are in danger right now. So, this is a very bad news for the middle class public and transport related people. New Fuel price is very high from the last price. So, read the whole article to check the new oil price update today.

Now come to the main topic of update new fuel price. Petrol was 86 taka per liter on the previous day. But today the price is set to 130 per liter. Octane price was 89 taka per liter. But today’s octane price is 135 taka per liter. It means 44 ta increase on petrol and 46 taka on octane. This is the not only thing changes. Diesel price is also changes. Diesel was 85 taka liter last night. But now diesel price is 110 taka per liter. See the table for exact new prices.


Item Old Price (Per Liter) New Price (Per Liter)
Petrol 86 130
Octane 89 135
Diesel 80 114
Kerosene 80 114


New Petrol Price Per Liter in Bangladesh

Petrol is the most popular fuel in Bangladesh. Its 60% uses in the transport sector of total petrol consumption is Bangladesh. So, transport sector is totally depend on the petrol. Mostly private car and motorcycle are very much depend on the petrol price in Bangladesh. So, increasing the petrol price per liter in Bangladesh will crease very much trouble in the market. Price of all the product will be increase.


But petrol price Bangladesh is increase last night by government. Petrol price was 86 taka last night. But petrol price today in Bangladesh is now 130 taka per liter. So, this is the biggest price increase in the Petrol price history on Bangladesh. So, petrol price today is 130 taka per liter. After increase the petrol price suddenly by government, people are in trouble of cash problem. All the products price are high in the market.

New Diesel Price Per Liter in Bangladesh

Diesel is widely use in the public transport sector in Bangladesh. So, this is a very big challenge for people to balance the life with high price of all product. After increasing the price of diesel, transport and traveling cost will be also increase. Also, after increasing the price with transport product cost will be increase. So, diesel price in Bangladesh is increase. And we can say this is the very big price increase in the diesel price history in Bangladesh.


Diesel price per litre in Bangladesh is never increase in this type of implausible way. Last night the diesel price was 80 taka per liter. The price was increased from 65 to 80 taka a few months ago, And today they increase the price again. Diesel price in Bangladesh today is 114 taka per liter. So, this is the very bad news for peoples of Bangladesh, As diesel price increase so much today.

New Octane Price Per Liter in Bangladesh

Though octane uses motor vehicles are not as much compare to petrol or diesel. But still they are not little in number. So, increasing the prices of octane in Bangladesh can impact badly on various situation of the market. According to the BPC, the price was 89 taka per liter last night. But government increase the octane price in Bangladesh to 135 taka per liter suddenly. So, the notice bring the scatter situation in the market.

Due to some political situation of the world, every product price is very high. Middle class family and lower middle class can’t effort the situation. In the meantime, the government octane price rise in Bangladesh. So, octane price in Bangladesh in hike today 2022. But government also ensure that, they will decrease the octane oil price in Bangladesh, of the oil price reduce in global market.

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