Jersey 2022 Full Movie Review & Explanation

Jersey 2022 Full Movie Review & Explanation


Jersey 2022 Movie Storyline

A cricketer who quits cricket decides to revive his career at the age of 36 for his son’s dream and prove his ability. This is the whole Storyline for Jersey 2022 Movie. In this post, we’ll discuss details about the movie.

Movie Short Overview

Gowtam Tinnanuri’s jersey movie is a sports drama film. jersey movie director Gowtam Tinnanuri 2019, had written the jersey Telugu movie. People called this movie Jersey Nani movie. On 19 April 2019, when the Telegu movie Jersey was released, this movie got a lot of acclamation and praise. After this successful movie, this director created a Jersey movie in Hindi version in the same story. Jersey Hindi movie was scheduled for release on 14 April 2022 and finally scheduled to release on 22 April 2022.

Before this Hindi Jersey movie was about to be released in 2020 and then 2021 but postponed, and finally, this year Shahid Kapoor’s new movie jersey will be released. In the new Jersey full movie, Shahid Kapoor is a Cricketer, and he quits cricket but later he again joins cricket for his son’s desire. In the Jersey movie, Shahid Kapoor is Arjun Talwar who plays an amazing role in this movie. Otherwise, many people want to know the Jersey movie is based on which cricketer?

So for them, there are some speculations that claimed that this movie is based on the life of  Indian cricketer, Raman Lamba. Then many people ask is Jersey movie a real story? For them, Gowtam Tinnanuri revealed that this is a rumor and this film is not based on any true story. However, New Jersey movies rating by people more and more. So, people also searching for Jersey movies Tamil and also looking for Jersey movie pics.

Director Gowtam Tinnanuri
Story Siddharth Singh, Gowtam Tinnanuri, Garima Wahal
Screenplay Gowtam Tinnanuri
Music Director Sachet Parampara
Runtime 2h 50m
Genres Drama, Romance, Sport

Jersey Movie Review

Shahid Kapoor’s new jersey movie story is about a talented but failed cricketer. He quits cricket when he repeatedly gets rejected to play in the Indian team, due to selection politics. He is given a government job under the sports quota but loses it when he is accused of bribery. Then at the age of 36-year old Arjun Talwar is jobless and always scolded by his wife Vidya Talwar, for not consulting a lawyer to get his job back since he is innocent.

Arjun’s son who plays for his school cricket team, asks Arjun for an Indian jersey but at that time he has no money but promises his son that he will gift him Jersey on his birthday. Arjun decides to play cricket again and plays exceptionally good cricket and leads his team to the finals. At last, Arjun single-handedly leads the team to victory, but he himself collapses soon after the match.

As this movie is based on a cricketer so excited to know about the Jersey movie based on which cricketer. Again many people’s minds raise another important question the jersey movie a real story or not. Maybe for this reason jersey movie review is growing day by day. But the director of this movie clearly said that all these lines are rumors. Whatever, after Nani’s Telegu Jersey movie, Shahid’s Hindi version of Jersey movie also going to snatch your heart.

Jersey 2022 Production Information

Shahid Kapoor’s fans and every movie seekers minds have a great question when is shahid Kapoor’s jersey movie release date? They are also searching for Jersey Shahid Kapoor movie release date or Jersey movie release date Shahid Kapoor? And they are also looking for Jersey movie release date bollywood. Behind these questions, they are so excited that they are also asking for jersey movie shahid kapoor kab release hoga or hogi?

Otherwise, people also want to know Jersey movie budget. After all these, now this time no one wants to wait for the release date of Jersey movie. In 2022, when Jersey movie Telugu was released it got so much compliment that now no one wants to wait for Jersey movie release date. So basically movie seekers are eagerly waiting for Jersey Hindi movie release date. Because Shahid’s every fan is waiting for his amazing acting, romance and also for jersey movie dialogues.

So, finally, let’s see what will happen after Jersey movie release. Will Jersey movie hit or flop?

Release Date April 22, 2022, (India)
Language Hindi
Budget ₹310,000,000 (estimated)
Box Office Pending
Production House Allu Entertainment, Brat Films, Dil Raju Productions
Country India

Jersey 2022 Movie Trailer and Teaser

Jersey movie trailer has already won many people’s hearts. As we all know very well that Shahid Kapoor is how much famous. His amazing acting skills, expressions, and romance made him already unique. After all these, he has another fan base. Over all this, now in this year fan followers will see him as a new character, as a cricketer.

After releasing the Telegu Jersey movie it got so much complement. And that’s why when people are getting Jersey movie Hindi they got more excited to watch this movie. When Shahid’s fans got to know that nobody but Shahid is the main character they are getting more excited to watch this movie. People are also looking for jersey movie posters, jersey movie images, jersey movie templates and jersey movie HD images, Nani jersey movie images.

Otherwise, people are so crazy about this movie that they are also looking for jersey movie tickets.

Movie Top Cast

jersey movie cast, there are some amazing characters. Though Telegu Jersey movie hero name is Ghanta Naveen Babu or Nani on the other hand, in the new Hindi Jersey movie hero name is Shahid Kapoor. So, Shahid Kapoor in the character of Arjun Talwar. He is the hero and the main character of this movie. He is performing as a cricketer. We will see him in the movie wearing a white jersey. Besides him, Mrunal Thakur is Jersey movie actress in this movie. She is Arjun’s wife Vidya Talwar.

Otherwise, there are also Geetika Mehandru as Jasleen Shergill, Shishir Sharma as Atul, Palak Singh as Chinki, and some other cool actors. Jersey movie heroine’s name is Mrunal Thakur. Though the jersey movie actress’s name is Mrunal Thakur but plays the role of Vidya Talwar. Jersey movie heroine is playing an important role in this movie. She is the other main character in this movie.

In the trailer, we all see how she suffers when Arjun was jobless and They has a growing son also.

Shahid Kapoor as Arjun Talwar
Mrunal Thakur as Vidya Talwar
Geetika Mehandru as Jasleen Shergill
Shishir Sharma as Atul
Sharik Khan as Atul’s friend
Palak Singh as Chinki
Anjum Batra as Amrit
Rudrashish Majumder as Rudra Juneja
Hani Yadav as Rajveer Talwar
Sunil Saraswat as Lovely

Movie All Songs

Jersey movie songs are all getting more and more viewers day by day. The full Jersey movie has a total of four songs. These are Mehram, Baliye re, Maiyya Mainu, Jind Meriye. Jersey movie all songs are sung by Sachet- Parampara and Stebin Ben, Mellow D. And the lyricist is Shellee. Thought they are amazing singers and lyricists so these songs will get growing viewers and fans normally.

These songs are so heart-touching that people want to jersey movie songs downloaded. They are also searching for jersey movie songs wynk, jersey movie naa songs download, and also jersey movie mp3 songs download. People loved these songs so much that they also looked for jersey movie ringtones. On our last post, we review, Beast 2022 Movie Review, Explanation, Casting, Budget and Box Office Collection, you may love this post also.

Song Details
Mehram Singer: Sachet- Parampara

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Shellee

Music Composer: Sachet- Parampara


Baliye re Singer: Stebin Ben, Mellow D

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Shellee

Music Composer: Sachet Tandon, Stebin Ben, Paramapara Tandon


Maiyya Mainu Singer: Sachet- Parampara

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Shellee

Music Composer: Sachet- Parampara


Jind Meriye Singer: Sachet- Parampara

Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Shellee

Music Composer: Sachet -Parampara


Source: imdb

Watch Jersey 2022 Full Movie Online

The good news is Jersey 2022 movie is releasing in this month after a couple of days. So, fan of the jersey full movie are eagerly waiting for the days. So, according to the imdb reference, Jersey 2022 movie is based on a story of Hindi. But a lot of movie lover of south Indian films are searching for Jersey movie in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada language. But the sad news is the movie is not releasing other language dubbed at the time of grand show. What we can say now that you need to wait for a while dubbed version is release in a few days.

Though, cinema hall was closed due to Corona virus in the pandemic time. So, OTT platform are premiere new movies. So, Hindi film lover are searching for Jersey Movie 2022 releasing on what OTT platform like Amazon prime, Netflix or Hotstar. But pandemic situation recover well and Theater are opened now. So, initially the movie is releasing on Cineplex at least for now. After successful business on box office, they may release Jersey 2022 full movie on Online watching platform. We’ll daily update box office collection on our site.

Jersey Movie 2022 Download HD

Whatever, Jersey Movie 2022 is releasing in this Friday. So, piracy is a big crime in India. A lot of leecher will upload hall print of Jersey Movie 2022 on different website like isaimini, filmyzilla, kuttymovies, filmyzilla, moviezwap and many more. But this is not a good thing to do with the production house as well as this is a punishable offense. Thus, because of these site, people are searching for 480p, 720p, 1080p Jersey Movie 2022 on the internet. But you must watch the movie going Cineplex for good reason.

Jersey Movie 2022 download in HD version is not available anywhere on the net. Because the movie is only release on box office yet. So, don’t search for Jersey Movie 2022 Blue ray print download link. Instead of searching the Jersey movie download link, please purchase a ticket and join the Cineplex with your loving one. This will help to increase the Jersey Movie 2022 Box Office income daily.

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