Eksheba Student Govt Scholarship

Eksheba Student Govt Scholarship

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Bangladesh Eksheba Gov Bd Service

Eksheba is a one stop service based website from Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. There is more than hundred thousand department of Government to serve the people. But though this is not one stop service center. So, people suffer from this. They are making complain from many years. Finally, Bangladesh Government launch the new one stop service solution for help the peoples. So, now anyone can access the website easily and can get their service from home.


So, we got that this is a one stop service portal from BD GOV. Now come to the point. What type of service Eksheba offer actually? Well, they are providing Scholarship for unwell students and many more things. In this post, we are going to discuss about the eksheba উপবৃত্তি for year of 2021. After reading the whole post you can know your eligibility for Eksheba Upobitto 2021. As this is a well detailed article on this topic. So, you can learn each and every details about Eksheba Student Scholarship of 2021. Read the whole article.

Eksheba Gov Upobitti 2021

As we discuss in the last a few words, Eksheba offering a large amount off scholarship for students. So, all the students can apply for this Eksheba Arthik Onudan. Then you have to submit a application for online if you are interest in. While submitting the form you need to send some attachment for verifying. So, if your all papers are ready then you can apply for this Upobitti from gov bd. Now we may discuss about a few benefits of this scholarship.


Eksheba Upobitti is a one time given scholarship scheme. As per circular Students from 6 to honors can apply for this Upobitti. After submitting all the information you will get a notification from the government. And the gift money will be send to your Nogod number. If you don’t know how to create a Nogod account please click here. You must have a Nagad account before you apply for the Eksheba Sttudent Arthik Onudan 2021.

Eksheba Gov BD Upobitti Eligibility

Though this is a government scholarship. But only eligible candidates can apply for the upobitti. So, there a few rules and policy to apply for the scholarship. Where are going to publish the Eksheba Upobitti 2021 eligibility and requirement in the below.


  • Firstly, you must be a student o Bangladesh. Student from other country is not eligible for this Upobittti.
  • Secondly, this Upobitti is only for Maddhomik and Ucchomaddhomik and honors level. So, you must be a student from this criteria.
  • Thirdly, You must be a poor and unable as physical, mental or any lacking for apply for this Upobitti.
  • Fourthly, You have to fulfill the required result for your academic stage you completed.
  • Finally, you must have a Nagad Acount while you need it to submit the Nogod number submitting the form.

Eksheba Student Scholarship Application Form

As we already know the details about Eksheba Student Upobitti. Then if you are interested and you fulfill requirements then you have to apply for this Upobitti. As all the application needs a submit a form. In this time students have to apply for eksheba bitti online. There is available a form to submit in. You just have to fill-up the form and need to submit. Please continue reading to get the exact path to complete the application submit process.


Now, we discuss about submission form for eksheba upobittti 2021. So, you need to fill your complete name, your father name, mother name. Then have to type your present and permanent address. After completing that tab you need to write your date of birth and academic result information. Finally you have to write your Nagad mobile banking number to the form. Now your upobitti application form is ready for submit. Press the submit button. Well done. You did it!

How to apply for Eksheba Upobitti 2021

After all the above discussion we are finally known about this scholarship. So, we also learn what kind of information needs to submit for this application. Then now we are going to tell you how to apply for this eksheba scholarship online. This steps is more important. So, read this section of the article carefully and follow the instruction step by step. Believe us, this is just a simple work to do.


  • Firstly, visit the official website of Eksheba Gov BD from the link below.
  • Then, fill up all the box with required information. Pleade don’t leave any box empty. It may damage your application form.
  • After that attached all the papers they asked to attached for.
  • Most importantly, provide the Nagad Account number correctly. Because you will get your Upobitti Taka on this Nagad number.
  • Finally, check all the information again and hit the submit button. You are done.


Eksheba Upobitti

How to type Eksheba Prottoyon Potro

Now in this section we are going to tell you the way eksheba upobitti er prrottoyon potro lekhar niyom. Prottoyon Potro is important for eksheba upobitti application. You must have to supply this Prottoyon Potrro as an attachment. So, this is a important part. If you miss this Prrottoyon Potro your upobitti application will be dismiss. So, follow all the instruction is this post to get all the guideline for writing a Prottoyon Potro.


Prottoyon Potro is provided by local government like Union Parishod, Counselor office, Pouroshova Office, City Corporation and many more. As this is a identity clarification. So, their must be type as clear your Name, your father name, your mother name, your date off birth, your present and permanent address. And most importantly there must be a signature of local government authority for clarification. check all the information available in your Prottoyon Potro or not. If yes then its ok for submit.

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