Black Adam Movie Review and Explanation

Black Adam Movie Review and Explanation


Movie Storyline

Black Adam 2022 movie is about nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods and imprisoned just as quickly-Black Adam (Johnson) is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

Movie Short Overview

Black Adam is reintroduced to the DC Universe in The Power of Shazam! graphic novel by Jerry Ordway in 1994. The New Beginning and War of the Gods, but these appearances are not considered canonical. In this story and the subsequent Power of Shazam! ongoing series, Adam is a deadly and evil adversary for Captain Marvel.

In this revised origin, Teth-Adam was born on September 11, 1279 BC. Teth-Adam is the son of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II. Then impresses one of the high priests, the wizard Shazam, with his good deeds. The wizard gives Teth-Adam the power to become the superhero, Mighty Adam, by speaking the name Shazam. An acronym for Mighty Adam’s powers: the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru (Horus), the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti (Thoth), the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen
He does not draw powers from Shazam due to the demoness Blaze making a deal with the Egyptian god Set. Moreover, viewers we already discuss Avatar 2 movie review and explanation on our last post.

Black Adam 2022 Movie Review

Black Adam joined the JSA after claiming he had rid himself of Theo Adam’s evil influence. Captain Marvel joined the JSA as well, wanting to keep an eye on him. Johnny Sorrow removed a malignant brain tumor in Adam’s head, and Black Adam joined the Injustice Society. He soon betrayed them so the JSA could defeat them. Black Adam left the JSA after Kobra was allowed to live. He formed his own team, executed Kobra, and once again overthrew Khandaq’s government. The JSA intervened.

After a battle, Black Adam was allowed to retain control of Khandaq as long as he stayed within its borders.
He and the Feitherans began to rebuild the war-torn country. Black Adam joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains to protect Khandaq, or so he claimed. During the Spectre’s attack on magical beings, Atom-Smasher was killed, but Adam was able to revive him with magical lightning. Adam was part of the group that set a trap for Uncle Sam and the rest of the Freedom Fighters. However, Adam himself was betrayed by the other villains as Alex Luthor sought ‘a Marvel’ to use as part of his plot

Black Adam Movie Production Information 2022

It’s interesting to note that Garcia’s discussion of Black Adam explains that the titular character’s powers stem from Egyptian gods whereas Shazam’s come from Greek gods. This does fall in line with the comics’ origin story for the characters, as Shazam’s name is an acronym of iconic Greek figures while Adam’s is Egyptian, though the latter came due to the demonic offspring of the wizard Shazam interfering with the power succession process. It will be interesting to see if the film explores this element from the comics when Black Adam hits theaters in October 2022.

Release Date October 2022 (United Kingdom)
Language English
Box Office Pending
Production House DC Entertainment, Flynn Picture Company, New Line Cinema
Country United States

Movie Trailer and Teaser

“This is a character with amazing abilities. He has super speed, can fly, and has world-breaking strength to name a few, “producer Hiram Garcia told Collider last year.”We wanted to make sure moviegoers feel that throughout the entire movie. You’re not going to see him use super speed just once and then it stops, this is part of his arsenal.”

“It’s common to see abilities fall to the wayside when dealing with characters like that but one of our many goals was to keep continuity there and push the bar in terms of how we do it, “he continued. “For example, the technology we’re using to make Black Adam fly has never been done before. It’s completely unique.
It was critical for us to ensure that it felt special, authentic, and real. [Director] Jaume [Collet-Serra] took that to heart. Our special effects team are Oscar winners, and we certainly put them to work.

Movie Top Cast

Black Adam 2022 is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Johnson’s new Disney movie, Jungle Cruise. Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines, and Sohrab Noshirvani wrote the film’s story. Besides Adam, the movie will also feature several beloved characters from the Justice Society of America, making it a must-watch for DC fans. To get you prepared for this exciting new DCEU film, we’ve put together everything we know about Black Adam so far, from the plot and casting details to updates on filming and release dates.

Besides Dwayne Johnson, the cast of Black Adam will include a number of classic DC characters played by Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Quintessa Swindell, and Pierce Brosnan. Other cast members include Marwan Kenzari, James Cusati-Moyer, Bodhi Sabongui, Mo Amer, and Uli Latukefu, whose roles have currently not yet been revealed. Despite the movie’s links to Shazam!, Levi and Asher Angel won’t be reprising their roles as Shazam and Billy Batson, respectively, in Black Adam 2022.

Joseph Gatt as Squad Leader
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz
Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate
Noah Centineo as Al Rothstein
Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall
Natalie Burn as Revolutionary Mercenary #1
Quintessa Swindell as Maxine Hunkell
Derek Russo as Russian Mercenary
Christopher Matthew Cook as Merc

Source: IMDb

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Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is, obviously, the main character of the movie. Born as a slave named Teth-Adam in the nation of Kahndaq, Adam is a brave and fundamentally heroic person. But also he’s a ruthless warrior who would destroy anyone who gets in his way without a second thought. Besides Adam, Adrianna eventually becomes the superhero called Isis and marries Black Adam. She is responsible for tempering Adam’s violent tendencies and pushing him toward more heroic paths. Whether the character will have a similar path in the movie is something we’ll have to wait and see. That’s just as well, though,
because it does look like the film will have more than its fair share of superheroes.

Johnson announced on July 15, 2021, that he had completed filming his scenes and the movie had officially wrapped. Some filming for the movie continued without Johnson for a few weeks after that, shifting to Los Angeles. Executive producer Dany Garcia confirmed this on July 25 saying, “We haven’t wrapped yet, so we still have a few more weeks. [Dwayne] wrapped, so that’s kind of a wrap. Black Adam wrapped. But we’ve got a lot of really good things going on that, actually, will continue in LA.” But the great news is that Black Adam is going to release this year in October. So, viewers and DC fans can enjoy this movie soon. Whatever viewers get ready to watch Black Adam.

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