BCS Exam Details – BPSC – Syllabus and Mark Distribution

BCS Exam Details – BPSC – Syllabus and Mark Distribution

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Brief Story about BCS

BCS Stands for Bangladesh Civil Service. BCS Exam Control by BPSC. Which stands for Bangladesh Public Service Commission. In a sentence, BCS Exam is the most popular Government job in Bangladesh. So, what about the employment placement? There is more than 28 total Cadre. 15 of theme are general category and lest 13 of them is technical category. So, Lets start the discussion on BCS Exam And Cadre.

BCS job bring a new wind to our soceity. When, the unemployment problem is growing day by day. You know, Government job in Bangladesh are going much popular. As, the government ensuring more benefit and security of job. BCS Exam has both good salary and power of post. So, young generation are encouraging to the BCS.


As, BCS got vast popularity in our soceity, So, young generation’s eyesight is here. As, there are more post for promotion with increasing good salary. Young are interested to the post. Cause, young always love the variation. BCS Cadre are more precious in our soceity other than any Entrepreneur or self depended peoples.

What are the Steps of BCS Exam?

As, BCS Exam got he center of attraction of all, This exam getting much difficult to qualify. Government trying to ensuring the quality of BCS Cadre. Actually its important much for country. Because, there need more talent, qualify human resource in Government service.

BCS Exam controlled by BPSC. Bangladesh Service Commission. They invent a way to recruit the perfect people. So, examine steps are most important. BCS Exam Steps are changing day by day. Now the BCS  happend in several Steps.

In this time, BCS Exam is now completed using done of Three steps. Preliminarily, Written and Viva.


Preliminary Exam Part

Every BCS Cadre seeker have to attend Preliminary Exam firstly. This is actually a primary selection based examine system. Candidates solve a number of MCQ Question in the hall. After a few months Result will published. And eligible Student from this step can attend the Written Exam.

Written Exam Part

As, I inform you, Written Exam take place after several months of Preliminary Exam. A huge amount of BCS students got failed in the Preliminary exam. So, in written exam, competition is low but hard. Candidates has to complete this written exam on several subjects. So, this step of BCS is harder.

Viva Part

After completing Preliminary and Written BCS Exam Successfully, candidates can be called for Viva. Its also to much important step for BCS Job Seekers. Because, Cadre choice serial, Selection and many things depend on VIVA part. After, complete this step only a students recommended for Civil Service and got selected for trainings.


Police Verification and Medical Part

Most importantly, BCS has another two steps of verification for BCS Cadre. Its also important. Firstly, Police verification. Before recommendation, every cadre has to complete this steps. Police verification Process is an automated process. PSC called local Police station of candidates. So that, they can confirmed that, candidates has no longer relationship with any Criminal Activity.

Secondly, All candidates has to complete a BCS Medical Verification process. Its little bit easy. Only they need to confirm that, BCS Cadre free from every serious medical cause.

Cadre List of BCS Exam

BCS Exam has two types of Cadre system for recruit. So, what are they? Every candidates has to select their cadre list. Because, they will recruit with a specific cadre. As, one category of Cadre is General and another is Technical Category. so, list of cadre is below.

General Cadre

For example, BCS General Cadres are Administration, Ansar, Accounts, Cooperative, Customs and Excise, Economic, Family Planning, Food, Foreign, Information, Police, Dak, Railway Transport and Commercial, Taxes and Trade.


Technical Cadre

On the other hand, Professional cadres are Roads and Highways, Public Works, Public Health Engineering, Forest, Health, Railway Engineering, animal resources, Fisheries, Statistics, Technical Education, Agriculture, Food and General Education.

BCS Exam Mark Distribution and Syllabus

As, we describe before that, BCS Exam Completed in three steps. So, there are three Mark Distribution for three steps. However, all the BCS Mark Distribution are listed below.

BCS Preliminary Step

As, applicant are a huge amount before vacant post. So, BPSC called a Preliminary exam under under Rules-7 from Age, Eligibility and Direct Recruit Act-2014. After that, this is a MCQ based Exam. And total 200 Marks of examination are taken. However, 100 Marks of an exam was taken till 35th BCS Exam. But the marks of exam is 200 now. And the duration of exam is 2hrs. Above all, Details Mark Distribution below.

BCS Preliminary Exam Mark Distribution Table


Serial Subject Marks
1. Bangla Language and Literature 35
2. English Language and Literature 35
3. Bangladesh Affairs 30
4. International Affairs 20
5. Geography (Bangladesh and International), Environment and Disaster Management 10
6. General Science 15
7. Computer And Information Technology 15
8. Mathematical Reasoning 15
9. Mental Skills 15
10. Morality, Values and Good Governance 10
Total 200


BCS Preliminary Details Mark Distribution/ Syllabus


Download BCS Preliminary Mark Distribution/ Syllabus PDF

BCS Written Step

So, everyone who  passed Preliminary exam succesfully attend the written exam. On the other hand, here are 27 cadre for this exam according to Educational Background. Most importantly, The BCS Written Exam is total Marks of 900 on several subject. And, BCS Average Passing Mark is 50%. But,This step is divided in two category.

Fristly, General Cadre – Written Exam of 900 Marks

Secondly, Technical/ Professional Cadre – Written Exam of 900 Marks

BCS Mark Distribution Table of General Cadre


Serial Subject Marks
1. Bangla 200
2. English 200
3. Bangladesh Affairs 200
4. International Affairs 100
5. Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Skills 100
6. General Science and Technology 100
Total 900

Mark Distribution Table of Technical/ Professional Cadre

Serial Subject Marks
1. Bangla 100
2. English 200
3. Bangladesh Affairs 200
4. International Affairs 100
5. Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Skills 100
6. Post Related Subject 200
Total 900


BCS Written Details Mark Distribution/ Syllabus

Download BCS BCS Written Details Mark Distribution/ Syllabus PDF



That is to say, after complete preliminary and written exam successfully, every candidates mandatory attend a VIVA exam. Therefore, BCS Viva exam is total marks of 200. On the other hand qualify Mark for this step is 50%. So, only Passed candidates from VIVA Board will be recommended for Cadre.

In conclusion, we can say BCS Exam is little bit harder to candidates. As a result, you need to take a longer deep preparation. As, you don’t want to fail. So, Follow the BCS Syllabus and start hard working. After that, if you need any help, knock ue. Cause, we are here to serve you.


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