37 BCS Non Cadre 2nd List (1st Class)

37 BCS Non Cadre 2nd List published. 37 BCS 1st Class list. Non Cadre 1st Class 2nd list. The 37th BCS 9 Grade 1st class 2nd list published. 37 BCS Non Cadre 2nd List.


Little bit about 37th BCS

37 BCS is a exam of 2016. As, Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) published a circular on 29 February 2016. BPSC is the authority of taking BCS Exam. On that circular they requested the eligible candidates to apply for the examination.

So, from the circular there was total vacancy for General Cadre is 465. And, vacancy post for Technical/ Professional Cadre was 537. But in 37th BCS, there is another Cadre. Which is Education. BPSC offer 224 seat for Education Cadre. So, the total post vacancy for Cadre is 1,226. This is a huge amount.


BPSC using Online application method to complete the application process. Candidates also need to payment their fees online within 72 hours of application. If you interested about BCS Exam. You can read a Deatils BCS Exam including Syllabus and Mark Distribution.

Important Dates of 37th BCS

Circular Published: 29 February 2016

Application Start: 31 March 2016

Preliminary Test Date: 30 September 2016

Preliminary Test Result: 01 November 2016

Written Exam Date: 12 February 2017

Written Exam Result: 25 October 2017

General Cadre Viva: 29 November – 03 December 2017

Technical Cadre Viva: 04 – 11 February 2018

Final Cadre Result: 12 June 2018

1st Class and 2nd Class Non-Cadre Apply: 25 November – 11 December 2018

Non-Cadre 1st Class (9 Grade) 1st List Publish: 13 March 2019

Non-Cadre 1st Class (9 Grade) 2st List Publish: Soon


37th BCS Non-Cadre 1st Class (9 Grade) 1st List

So, we saw that, BPSC publish non-cadre first class first list on 13 March 2019. And, that time the Commission said that total of 699 seat was vacant. But they only recommended 578 in Non-Cadre 1st list. But seats are still vacant, cause they don’t get eligible candidates based on educational qualification and merit.

Whatever 578 candidates were recommended for 9th Grade 1st class Non-Cadre Post. Public Service Commission (PSC) mention in the press release that, they followed Non-cadre Posts Recruitment (Special) Rules 2010, and amended Non-cadre Posts Recruitment Rules 2014.

Only, 578 candidates were recommended when the vacant seat was higher. But they are saying the lack of eligible candidates depending on merit and educational qualification. So, the chance is getting higher that, a 2nd Non-Cadre First class (9th Grade) list will be published soon.


37th BCS Non-Cadre 2nd List  (1st Class – 9 Grade)

As we hope, 37 BCS Non-Cadre 2nd List is now published. Bangladesh Public Service Commission published the Non-Cadre 2nd List on their website. And, a big amount of candidates recommended for 1st class 9 grade post. The 37 BCS Non-Cadre 2nd List is below.

37th BCS Non-Cadre 2nd List View


Download 37th BCS Non-Cadre 2nd List (1st Class – 9 Grade) PDF

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