11th Week Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 assignment is publish for 11th week 2021. Directorate of Secondary and Higher education publish the class six 11th week assignment on their website dshe.gov.bd. So, we are going to publish the class six assignment 11th week  question and answer in this post. Please read the whole assignment question carefully. Because there is a lot of information here.

So, after a long waiting dshe publish the Class 6 assignment 2021 for 11 week. Due to corona virus they stop taking assignment from 10th week. So, in this post we are going to publish 11th with assignment question. We’ll also cover all the subject of class 6 assignment for this eleven week. Just keep reading the whole post and you’ll get all of your assignments.

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Class 6 English Assignment 11th Week Question 2021

So, after a long waiting Class 6 English Assignment is now publish. We get a lot of assignment request from our students. As we make solve before for other week English assignment. So, they are also requesting us to for submit the Class Six 11th Week Assignment 2021 thik week.

So, in this post we are going to publish the Class 6 Assignment 11 week. This is the Assignment-4 for English subject. The 11th week English assignment question is from the lesson, It smells good. Which is the Lesson-6 fro Class 6 English Text Book. You just need to write a 150 word assignment on this chapter. Other instruction are listed on question below.

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Class 6 English Assignment 11th Week Answer 2021

So, you already check the question. Class 6 English 11 week assignment is Fahmida loves eating, Both of her parents are food cook but she is very fond of her father’s cooking. Mr. Rahman tries different new items. It is a weekend and raining heavily outside. Mr. Rahman declared, “Hey guys, I’m going to cook for you today”.

Fahmida along with her brothers and sisters cheered- Yeah! Mrs. Rahman said….. This is a part of the story written on the assignment question. Now you need to write the rest of the story within 150 words. There is also some instructions. Check the instruction and start writing the Class 6 11th week Assignment Answer 2021.

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Class 6 ICT Assignment 11th Week Question 2021

As we check before like English subject dshe also publish Class 6 ICT Assignment this week. So, this is veru difficult to solve two class six assignment in a week. But you need to complete all the answer of class six ICT 11th week assignment. So, lets start the discuss about the Class 6 ICT assignment 11 week 2021.

So, we can see in the question is that, there is only one question from 1st chapter of Class 6 ICT Text Book. This is very easy question for students. Because this is the starting topic of ICT subjects. So, you can easily make answer for this class 6 ICT assignment 11th week. Just need to follow all the instruction and other information from the question paper.

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Class 6 ICT Assignment 11th Week Answer 2021

From the above question we already define the answer process of Class six ICT assignment answer for 11th week 2021. This is the actually to much basic question from the ICT Text Book. Any students of any year can make solve for ICT assignment 11th week. Now talk a little about the answer of class 6 ICT assignment.

So, as there are a lot of information on the Class 6 11th week assignment 2021 is this question is from the first chapter. So, open your book to this page. Read about the ICT. As example, ICT mean Information and Communication Technology. So, this type basic information is needed for make a solution on the class 6 11 week assignment answer.

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Class Six 11th Week Assignment Subject List

Class 6 assignment has also started. This time there is also another selected subject for this week. So, you must follow the class 6 11th week subject list. After that, you’ll know which subject needs assignment this week. So, be sure, please follow the instruction from the below of subject list. See the total class six assignment grid syllabus from below.

On this 11th week, there is only 2 subjects for submit assignment. Now we’ll talk about the subject list. Firstly, you need to submit assignment on English for 11th week. Class 6 has also another subject on list. So, this subject is ICT. You only need to submit these two assignment on time. Other subject will come in next.

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